This amazing ingredient you won’t believe is a beauty godsend

We are always on the lookout for the next beauty product that makes us look, and more importantly feel, better. With new formulas being launched all the time and with chemical names that are a hundred syllables long it is easy to get confused by what’s on the market. In this blog though we’re going to look at an all-natural ingredient that we can’t get enough of just now. Read on to find out what it is…

What is this natural ingredient?

Believe it or not, charcoal – yep the stuff we use on our barbecues – has revealed itself to be a top-notch beauty product. Charcoal or more accurately activated charcoal is wood that has been burned at a high temperature and oxidised. The oxidising part is when it becomes activated. When it is activated it becomes porous, with thousands of tiny holes in its surface. It’s these holes that make the magic happen. These holes soak up a variety of chemicals and particles. Activated charcoal is so effective it is used in water filtration systems.


What are its uses?

Given its properties, there are countless applications activated charcoal can be used for. These include:

  • Pore cleanser – Activated charcoal is an excellent ingredient in facemasks. The tiny holes in it bind to the gunk your face gathers from being outside as well as all the natural oils and dirt your face produces. It makes your pores appear smaller and you feel much cleaner
  • Oily skin – If you have oily skin an activated charcoal mask can help reduce the levels of oil on your skin. Make sure you don’t use it too regularly or your skin could become dry
  • Acne – Using a soap with activated charcoal can help reduce the symptoms of acne. It won’t clear it completely, but it will lend a helping hand
  • Deep clean – Forget about using expensive chemical treatments for deep cleaning your skin. Change your deep cleanser to one containing activated charcoal. You will get a great deep clean and you’ll be helping the environment. Win, win!
  • Brushing your teeth – Activate charcoal can act as a great tooth polish. We don’t recommend ditching the fluoride toothpaste, but for a polish and teeth whitener, there are few things better than activated charcoal
  • Rid your hair of toxins – Using a shampoo that contains activated charcoal will remove all kinds of gunk and grease from your hair. It will also keep your scalp in good condition by gently cleansing that too. If you aren’t sure you can buy activated charcoal tablets and break it up to use with your ordinary shampoo. You’ll soon get an idea of what it does to your hair. We thoroughly recommend it


There are hundreds of products available with activated charcoal in them, but if you want to try it without shelling out on a product then you can buy activated charcoal tablets which you can break up to use with your existing products. If you think you’re ready to dive straight in, then I’ve found some Groupon deals that offer great value for money.

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