Choosing a shampoo that’s right for you

Hair is great until you think about everything you have to do to keep it in good condition. The most basic thing you have to do is keep it clean, and in this blog we’re going to look at how to choose the right shampoo, because that’s the basic jumping off point for great hair.

Scalp type

When you’re choosing a shampoo it’s really got to match with your scalp type. It’s your scalp that defines what type of hair you have. There are two main types of scalps – oily and dry. If you have a dry scalp you’re likely to get dandruff and if you have an oily scalp your hair is likely to get greasy.


Shampoo choices for a dry scalp

  • Avoid shampoos that say strengthening, fortifying or volumizing. These can strip your scalp of moisture
  • Look for shampoos that promote moisture, hydration, smoothing or curls. These tend to moisture locking for your scalp
  • If your scalp is itchy or flaky try a tea tree shampoo or a specialist shampoo for dandruff
  • Nioxin Shampoos are great for dry scalp and are well worth the investment
  • Even if you do have a really dry scalp, using shampoo can help, so make sure you wash your hair as part of your beauty routine


Shampoo choices for an oily scalp

  • Avoid shampoos that say hydrating, moisturising, smoothing or for curly hair. These will add moisture to your scalp
  • Looks for shampoos that say volumizing, strengthening or balancing. These are great for a greasy scalp
  • Daily clarifying shampoo can help regulate oil levels on your scalp and are very worth looking at. If you have an extreme problem with grease, then try a super clarifying shampoo
  • Spend extra time working your shampoo around your scalp. This will help break up any excess oils
  • After you shampoo, avoid working conditioner into your scalp. Concentrate more on the ends of your hair.


These are just general rules. As with all products, it’s best to experiment and find what works for you. There are thousands of shampoos and I’m certain there is one that is perfect for you out there, you just have to find it. If you use these tips as a jumping off point you’ll find the right one sooner or later.

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